Agonia | written by: Michael Druml | 4,9 of 6 points
This is the first release of Sternenstaub from Austria and it impressed me a lot. They play a majestic, symphonic kind of Black Metal that may be compared to Limbonic Art and Sirius, not just because of the music, also the lyrics explore the endless dephts of space. For some this might be a reason to critizise because nowadays there are quite a lot of bands entering their spaceship and leaving this planet to explore new dimensions, but for me who likes good Science Fiction movies a lot this topic is really interesting. It is really amazing how the music manages to take your mind away from the earth to galaxies far away and lets you travel through unknown spheres. The whole stuff is very melodic, featuring grim and clear vocals, the compositions are great, the only thing that could be a little better is the sound which could be more powerful. If this will be improved, I expect really great things for the coming debut album. The four songs of this Demo Cd can be downloaded for free on the band´s homepage, so check it out!

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