Magazine: Moonhill Zine | Questions: Sinan | Answers: Bernd Grünwald | January 2004
At first, please tell us something about the meaning of Sternenstaub...
The name Sternenstaub is the german translation of the word stardust, it stands for the concept which goes through our songs like a central thread, that everything on this world is made of stardust, even the human being itself. I simply wanted some different kind of lyrical background than most other black metal bands have, at first I started on alone, since more than a year Sternenstaub is complete band, and can be described as some kind of melodic symphonic black metal.

When I listened to Sternenstaub the first time, I really got shocked. I didn't expect that Sternenstaub has a melodic sound with influences of classical music. Please tell us about your inspirations, and how do you get inspired?
Well, there are several ways of inspiration, I mostly listen to various classical artists and on the other hand black metal. So I try to create some kind of symbiosis, to melt those two different styles to one result. Another strong inspiration is the look to the anthem at night, the stars blinking in the endless void of space, it gives some feeling of emptiness and cold, and you realize how tiny the earth and mankind really are.

Did the Mini CD "Astronomica" sell well?
We didn´t sell much copies because most people downloaded the songs from our website, we chose this way of promotion because we thought it would be more effective, and it worked. The release of this MCD was just a preview to our debut album "Destination: Infinity" which will be released in January via the german record label Black Attakk. Some first reviews were positive, if somebody is interested, you can order it online at

There is a song called "The Mind's Eye", I think it is really well done. Do you know that Dark Tranquillity also released an album/song with this title? The styles are different but is there a special meaning for you?
Actually there is no special reason why I chose this name, I knew of the Dark Tranquillity album, but didn´t listen to it yet. Further on it´s just a part of the lyrical concept, the title fit well so i decided to choose it, it stands for the ability to see behind limits with your third eye of the mind, and exploring new territories of existence.

How is your relation to classical music? What do you like/who do you listen?
There are a lot of composers, I prefer the works of Wagner, Orff, Grieg and Mussorgsky, but there are also a lot of good movie soundtracks. Braveheart, Conan, Schindler´s List and Starship Troopers are only a few examples, also the big movies like Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings, they all influence me a lot.

I think it´s not long ago that you played your first concert. How was it? I really wished I was there, did the viewers like Sternenstaub on stage?
The response was quite good, although the circumstances were not easy because it was on a festival and we had no soundcheck. The problem is that our bandmembers come from all across Austria, so we don´t jam together very often, everybody learns his parts alone, then we play the songs all together 1-2 times before a concert, and so far it works ;)

Sternenstaub's members work with so much bands, doesn´t it effect the band in a negative way?
So far there have been no problems, Golden Dawn currently don´t play live, and Abigor is dead. Moritz always plays with one of his other band, but he isn´t involved in the songwriting process, so this doesn´t matter. The only negative aspect is that you sometimes get to hear that Sternenstaub is only a side-project, that´s not true, it´s a fulltime band.

Do you think of a concert here in Turkey? Or other countries?
Well, currently there are no concerts planned outside of Austria, but we´ll see, why not? If we receive a good offer it might be possible, I think it mainly depends on the organization of the concert.

What do you do except music?
I spend most of the time sitting at my computer and designing graphics or websites, there´s always something to do ;) If I don´t work, I read a book or go out for a walk, it depends on my mood. Music is very important in my life, this also counts for the other members, so everything you do is somehow related to it.

What do you know about Turkey? Any bands/magazines?
To be honest, I don´t know much about foreign scenes, there are simply too much bands nowadays. I´m sure there are a lot of bands out there I didn´t discover yet, from Turkey I only remember a band called Ezayah or something in the way, but I don´t know more about them, I just know them by name and can´t say how good they are or which music they play.

Last words?
Thanks for the interview, if you are interested in more infos about Sternenstaub, feel free to visit our website at!

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